Separation of LLG


THIS relates to the article “local level governments in Finschhafen split into four”, published on page 7 of The National yesterday.
I am concerned about the type of information provided by the Finschhafen MP Rainbo Paita and the Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato.
In the article, Paita stated that the Burum-Kuat LLG and Yabim-Mape LLG have been split into four that is Kuat and Mape becoming separate LLGs respectively from Burum and Kuat as per NEC’s deliberations on Friday.
However, the same article reported that Gamato, as the commissioner, was not aware of such developments.
So who is telling the truth?
Remember, the people from the concerned areas (LLGs) in Finschhafen have gone through so much hardships in terms of service delivery.
The separation of LLG is something they believe can enable them to defeat the challenges they are facing.
Therefore, such information must be checked and its truthfulness be ascertained by the proper offices before they are discharged into the public arena so as to avoid false hopes and expectations in the minds of people, which creates distrust and other negative social ramifications in the society.

N. Jesse Mape Talks

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