Sepik cop tells Asians to pay bride price

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EAST Sepik police are questioning claims by eight women that they are married to Asians working at a logging project in Angoram.
Provincial police commander Insp Charles Parinjo said the women were allegedly caught in a sex party with the loggers, and were arrested.
Police believed they were involved in a sex-for-money business at the Kaup logging site.
But the women claimed they were married to these foreigners.
Seven of these young girls, all aged below 20, produced marriage certificates to support their claims.
But Insp Parinjo refused to accept the documents, saying he believed these certificates could have been “rushed through the backdoor” as the girls were under pressure from police to find these documents or face the full force of the law.
He said with experiences from other logging sites in the province, there were no permanent marriages with local women who remain with “fatherless children” when these foreigners leave for their home country when their contracts expires.
Insp Parinjo said in light of the certificates produced by the girls, which showed their interest in marriage, he would now move in to ensure these marriages were cemented so that the women do not become victims when these foreigners leave.
He said the management of the logging company had been notified and he had instructed the foreigners to pay bride price for these girls and take them to their country of origin when their contract expires.
The foreigners’ respective embassies in Port Moresby have been notified and police are working with the parents of the girls and the company management to arrange bride price ceremonies.