Sepik engineer considering bio-fuel project

Momase, Normal


AN engineer in East Sepik is embarking on the production of bio-diesel in the province which countries around the world, including India and Southeast Asia, are enjoying as an alternate source of fuel.
Engineer Thompson Benguma said production of this source of energy supply would also create employment and increase income earning opportunity for the people.
Benguma said the only raw material needed would be a plant called jatropha curcas, which people would cultivate in their fields to extract its oil.
The oil could also be extracted from the garden vegetables unlike India where vegetables are scarce.
The oil would then be mixed with methanol and sodium hydroxide to give the fuel needed to supplement the current demand for home kerosene and diesel.
Benguma has identified the species of jatropha curcas plant in the bushes in East Sepik and would start the project next year in the low-lying grassland areas in the Sausse local level government area.
Benguma, who is from the area, said a bio-diesel plant would be erected in the area by the company, which will extract oil from the plant and convert them into fuel.
He said there was a great demand for jatropha oil in the world and the project would bring good income for the people.
Benguma is expected to visit his Sepik plains people before the end of this year to discuss the project and get between five and 10,000 jatropha seedlings into the polythene bags ready for the start of the project next year.