Sepik engineer lauds governor

Momase, Normal

The National, Thursday, June 9th 2011

A LOCAL engineer has commended Yangoru-Saussia MP Peter Wararu for maintaining the once impassable Tangori-Palmalmal provincial highway.
Mechanical engineer Thompson Benguma said the road maintenance under way was timely given the econo­mic boom, especially in cocoa production in the area and throughout the province.
He said Wararu had seen the need of the people of the Numbo local level go­vernment for a better road.
“The road is a vital development which will boost economic activity in the electorate and it should be maintained properly so it can withstand the rainy season,” Benguma said.
He suggested the road be properly gravelled because the gravel being used now was too light.
Benguma said people did not want to see a repeat of 2002 when the Tuonumbu-Tumbuniangua road was graded and gravelled and was now impassable.
He said the Tangori-Palmalmal road was a provincial highway and the provincial government should help Wararu with funds to improve the gravelling or add bitumen so that it stays in good condition for another 20 or 30 years.
Congratulating Wararu for taking the initiative to deliver the much-needed road project in Numbo, Benguma called on Wararu to help the other three LLG areas in Yangoru-Saussia where people faced the same problem.
He said most roads were in dire need of maintenance, adding with improved roads people “will access markets for their food and cash crops”.