Sepik Futsal Association defers pre-season


THE Sepik Futsal Association (SFA) has deferred its pre-season competition in respect of the mourning period for the late Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare.
Association president Clarence Hukahu told The National yesterday that the pre-season would kick off after the mourning and burial of Sir Michael.
Hukahu said the 12 associations under SFA had been advised against kicking off their competitions until new dates for the pre-season were set.
The associations are Wewak Central, Nuigo, Karasau, Wewak Local Ward Seven, Wewak West (YC/Kaindi), Wewak East (Malasi), Moem Barracks, Wewak Urban Schools, Numbo, Aitape, Vanimo and Boikin.
These associations were supposed to kick off their competitions next week before sending their teams to Wewak for the September championships, but it had been deferred by at least two weeks over the passing of Sir Michael.
“In respect to the national mourning period of our founding father, Sir Micheal, all competitions won’t start until after the burial,” Hukahu said.
“All futsal competitions that are to start next week will be deferred until after the burial of the late Sir Michael.”
Hukahu, who is also the chairman of the East Sepik Grass Roots Games Committee, has advised other sports to defer their pre-season competitions as well.