Sepik highway now a bush track

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday 22nd April 2013

 RECENT news of the poor road network in East Se­pik makes me wonder where are all the funds went to.

The national government allocates funds every year but there is hardly any evidence of 

the Sepik highway being maintained.

The same goes with other national highways in the country.

Since its last upgrade 

in 1996, the highway has not been maintained.

Today, the “highway” has become a single-lane bush track with grass growing all over, many parts of the road eroded because of landslides and potholes are everywhere.

We need to look after such infrastructure and facilities, which the go­vernment has provided, by maintaining, cleaning and sealing potholes.

How can we ask the government for other ser­vices if we cannot even manage and look after such an asset?

We do not transport materials on planes so we need to take care of our roads in order to bring development and servi­ces.

The prime minister must look into this and if there is any mismanagement, those responsible should be removed.

In another two years, we will be celebrating 40 years of independence and I have yet to see any real development.

The Yangoru-Saussia MP is trying his best and I hope he can turn the district into a model for PNG.


Douglas Gilichibi

Port Moresby