Sepik villages hit by rain, landslides

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The National, Thursday 18th April 2013


MORE than 10 houses have been buried and remains of the dead in cemeteries have been exposed following continuous rain and landslides at King and Kolembi villages in Dreikikir, East Sepik.

Due to its very remote location, officers from the Ambunti-Dreikikir district have not visited the area since an earthquake and subsequent landslip hit the villages four years ago.

“It’s four years on and no disaster officers from the district had visited the village and assessed the devastation caused by the natural disaster following reports of the tragedy,” local policeman John Kantipil told The National.

“It takes about four hours to trek some of the rugged terrains and thick jungle to get to these villages but my policemen and I were there two weeks ago.”

Kantipil said the landslips were a common occurrence when there was an earthquake or heavy downpour for days. 

He added that homes, food gardens, water sources and cash crops were continually being destroyed.

He said the people desperately needed government officers to visit them and provide relief assistance.

New district administrator Otto Ganaii was not able to comment yesterday as he has yet to confirm report of the tragedy.