Serious crimes drop: Yakasa

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THE National Capital District had a general decline in serious offenses reported to the police during the festive season which fell between Dec 23 and Jan 1.
Only 42 cases were reported, NCD Metropolitan commander Chief Supt Fred Yakasa said early this week.
He said during this festive period six serious cases were reported while there was none reported in 2008.
“Of the six reported, four cases were alcohol-related and two were payback killings related to sorcery.
Eleven armed hold-ups of motor vehicles were reported in 2008 and last year, the police recorded eight, a decrease by three, Chief Supt Yakasa said.
Robberies of persons – in general during the same period in 2008 recorded 10 incidents. ‘
In 2009, six were recorded.
He said this was a decrease in crime last year.
“Six rape incidents were reported last year, an increase by one incident from the previous year’s five.
“Grievous bodily harm and assaults reported six cases in 2008 but last year this increased to 10 cases,” Chief Supt Yakasa said.
Break-and-enter of commercial properties registered eight cases in 2009 with the previous year experiencing four, a decrease by half.
Chief Supt Yakasa continued that relating to domestic violence, seven cases were reported in NCD last year against six in 2008.
He told a press conference on Sunday that “generally serious offenses reported last year totalled 42 cases.
“In 2008, there were 44 but this fell to 42 last year.
“So, generally, there was a decline in the number of serious incidents between that period,” he said, and added that “this decline was due to a lot of awareness”.
They involved discouraging people from getting to the streets.
He added that the figures were based on matters that were brought to the police attention.
“Those that have not been reported, we are not aware of.”
No fatal accidents were reported during this festive period but in 2008, two fatal accidents were reported in NCD in the same period, Chief Supt Yakasa said.