Serve proper meal at Brandi

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday, 27th May 2011

I WOULD like to make a comment about the kitchen and the food served at Brandi Secondary School.
It is a premier school in East Sepik yet it is using firewood to cook.
Other boarding schools in the province have al­ready switched to  using gas stoves except Brandi.
We are paying a huge sum of money yet, day after day,  we are eating rice and “cango” without any change in our diet.
The school is still using its ancient cooking utensils which were probably used during the time when Prime Minister Sir Mi­chael Somare was studying there.
Everyday without fail, at least one student will end up at the Boram General Hospital after consuming unhealthy food from the mess hall.
Diarrhoea and vomiting are common events in the school.
Although it is a premier secondary school, the fa­cilities are no better than a high school.
As a concerned student, I would like to appeal to the school administration and governing council to at least make some changes in our diet rather than was­ting our time going to the hospital for treatment.
Don’t treat us like animals in the zoo.
We are students, so please make us feel comfortable because education is an integral part of the human life.

Wap Sawai