Service providers demand payment

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The National, Tuesday 4th June 2013

 SERVICE providers for the Western Highlands provincial electoral office are demanding that they be paid outstanding bills incurred the 2012 national election.

Owners of the vehicles hired by electoral office and counting officials for the provincial election seat want their payments processed immediately before the local level government elections begin this week.  

“We have waited for too long and the next round of election is coming up. And if we are not paid this LLG election, we would wait for another five years,” spokesperson Jocelyn Lakam said 

“We have exhausted our resources and we having been waiting to get some good responses from the provincial electoral office.”

Western Highlands election manager Philip Pelape said half of the outstanding payments had been sorted out and the rest would be processed soon.

He said his officers had a busy schedule this week as the LLG election writs would be issued on Thursday and ballot boxes for the election should be arriving.