Services at Laloki Psychiatric Hospital resumes

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CLINICAL services at the Laloki Psychiatric Hospital have resumed with the admission of eight patients even though water is still to be connected there, an official says.
During a ground breaking ceremony for the hospital’s water supply project, acting director medical services Dr Joyce Sonolyn said water supply connection was expected soon.
The K1 million project was funded by the Health Department and Eda Ranu and scheduled to be completed within six months.
Sonolyn urged Eda Ranu, responsible for carting water to the hospital until the completion of the water project, to be more efficient.
She said the water supply for last weekend was yet to arrive.
She thanked the hospital staff for working in unity in voicing their concerns and thanked the Health Department and Eda Ranu for their commitment to provide water supply to the hospital after 19 years.
“Look after what is given to us when it comes,” Sonolyn said.
She said safety of Eda Ranu workers during the project should be the priority of staff and Laloki community.
Eda Ranu manager engineering and works Paul Ambane said PVC pipes would be used for the first half of the 5.4km pipeline from the 9-Mile roundabout.
He said steel pipes would be used for the next half because they understood there was tampering along this section in the past.
Ambane said 250mm and 150mm diameter pipes that would be used were sufficient to cater for the water demand at the hospital and any future developments.
He said the steel pipes were sourced from overseas and would take about three months to arrive.
He encouraged the hospital to maintain their storage facilities and to think of ways to manage their waste sustainably.

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