Set up checkpoint between provinces


I REFER to the story “Step closer to linking Central to MBP” in yesterday’s The National.
The report says the Government on Tuesday signed a contract worth K38 million for a road project that will link Central and Milne Bay.
As a concerned local of Milne Bay, I suggest a checkpoint be done between the provinces.
People entering Milne Bay will be screened at this checkpoint to prevent people from other provinces illegally squatting on Milne Bay land.
People who enter Milne Bay should have a genuine reason such as visiting family, tourism or employment.
This can also be enforced through the Vagrancy Act.
Central and the National Capital District are riddled with illegal squatters.
This has resulted in the high crime rate, especially in the nation’s capital.
While I appreciate the new road project, I am concerned about the safety of the Milne Bay people.
The last thing we want is for vagrants to cause problems in our peace loving province.

Mosbi Observer