Sete: Give up bad habits

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The National, Monday November 4th, 2013

 POLICE have been told to stop drinking alcohol and being involved in illegal activities that spoil the image of the constabulary.

Speaking at the National Capital District Metropolitan commander’s monthly parade, Deputy Commissioner Administration Awan Sete urged officers to give up their bad habits and turn to God for guidance.

“The only way to win the public’s trust and confidence is to demonstrate godly principles in everything we do, whether at work or outside the work environment,” Sete said.

“The actions of a few bad apples have and will continue to affect the reputation of the many good hard working officers if we condone such unethical practices by doing nothing to stop the indiscipline and corrupt activities in the constabulary.” 

He said under the constabulary’s modernisation programme, the police management would be recruiting more officers and buying more vehicles for the NCD command centre and other police stations around the country.

“One of our primary objectives is to ensure police visibility,” he said.

“To make this happen, the management will fully support the constabulary’s operations by buying new vehicles, building more infrastructure, sustaining the police helicopter, maintaining and sustaining police boats in maritime provinces and recruiting more police officers.”

He told the officers that many of them had lost their sense of responsibility, focus and pride because they had forgotten the fundamental values of discipline and ethics.

“Go back to what you have learnt at the Bomana police college and re-apply the principles of discipline and things will gradually change,” Sete said.