Sete: Mini-stations way to go for NCD

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A SENIOR police officer believes that cities would be better policed if police personnel were stationed in booths or mini-police stations in different suburbs.
“The system modeled on the Japanese police’s Koban system will bring the police close to the people,” NCD/Central police commander Awan Sete in a media statement last Thursday said.
He said he believed that an improvised Koban system for PNG would enhance police services and drastically reduce street crimes.
Sete added that thugs were attacking people at bus stops and other public places because of the lack of police presence.
The booths or mini-police stations would allow police personnel to remain in densely populated areas and places where ordinary citizens were prone to criminal attacks. 
Sete clarified that the current cop shops in different parts of the city had served business houses more than the public and therefore the booths would have police stationed to better serve the public.
He said he would seek the police commissioner’s approval for a feasibility study to be conducted to ascertain the viability of the mini-stations.
And a submission with the prospect of overhauling and changing the constabulary’s operational method would be compiled and submitted to the commissioner, Sete said, adding the mini-stations would come directly under the command of police station commanders in charge of the main suburban police stations.
He revealed his plans after spending one week in Japan early this month where he attended the “promote partnership for the 21st century programme” funded by the Japanese government.