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ACADEMIC staff members directed to relocate from the Teaching Services Commission (TSC) of the Education Department to Department of Higher Education Research Science and Technology (Dherst) is not the decision of the primary teachers’ college lecturers and, thus, we are entitled to be paid our golden hand shake finance by TSC as soon as possible.
We have been discharging our duties to the Education Department, through the TSC, for various years ranging from 10 to 40 years.
There is some payment of golden hand shake money paid only to officers who retired or resigned from the TSC.
That is by an Act of National Parliament not our will or wish to finish from the TSC.
The stated endowment must be calculated on the number of years each academic staff undergo with the TSC respectively.
Since we are completely no longer serving the TSC and with the DHERST we would like to appeal to TSC and other relevant government agencies to make an assessment of the circumstances and award our golden handshake money as a token of their normal appreciation for the years of services teachers rendered to the state through the TSC.
There was no direction given to allow each and every one to resign from TSC so that their golden hand shake is paid prior to the transition.
To this point, we are of the view that the Teaching Services Commission still owes us our “golden hand shake”.

Jack Anis Kukiwa
Academic Staff

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