Settlement cop leads by example

National, Normal

A POLICEMAN who has been living in a settlement in Madang for the past eight years, due to lack of state housing, is taking the lead in organising community volunteers to address law and order problems in Madang province.
Cpl Adam Yawin, a Biliau settlement dweller, had mobilised elders and youths from the ward eight council area since 2006 to help reduce law and make peace.
They had been involved in identifying crime spot areas and swiftly moving about the community and confiscating drugs and homebrew.
On Tuesday, Cpl Yawin and his group busted a “secret home-brewing factory” behind the James Barnes canners and confiscated two brewing cylinders and several containers of homebrew in a surprise raid.
He said he and his men acted on a tip-off and had to crawl through bushes to find the liquor processing plant.
Cpl Yawin said production and consumption of home brew were major problems, responsible for the increase in crime in the province.
However, the community was helping to stop production and consumption.
Unfortunately, no one was arrested because the production plant was empty when police raided the site.
He said he had organised volunteers from several settlements like the Mero Dump, DCA Compound, Jant, Public Tank and the initiative was working well.