Settlement in Lae closely monitored after killing


LAE police are closely monitoring Bumbu Compound after fighting between two ethnic groups over the weekend, a senior police officer says.
Lae metropolitan commander Chief Supt Chris Kunyanban said the clash was between people from East Sepik and Morobe and had started after the death of a Sepik man allegedly by villagers from the Morobe Patrol post area.
Chief Supt Kunyanban said the provincial police command had reported three people arrested over the killing and police were completing their investigation.
“The Sepik man was a betel nut buyer who returned from Northern with his bags of betel nut when he was allegedly killed by some men from Amua village at the Patrol Post area,” he said.
He said the after the man’s murder, Sepik people at Bumbu settlement, in an attempt to resolve the issue with people of Morobe Patrol Post, asked for a meeting.
“Unfortunately, one faction (people from Amua village) were reluctant to come forward to have the matter resolved and that led to clashes experienced at 13A Bumbu market over the weekend and early this morning,” Chief Supt Kunyanban said.
“The fighting resulted in businesses and the market closing.
“Police told residents of the area and others from around Lae to be cautious when entering the area or passing through.
Chief Supt Kunyanban called on both factions to work with police to have the matter settled quickly and peacefully.
“Leaders from both sides have to work closely with police as this is a serious matter that has caused much disturbance to the public,” he said.