Settlement needs water supply


MORE than 50,000 citizens living in Morata one settlement do not have easy access to clean water for years.
This settlement is located in the centre of Port Moresby which accommodates for both the working and non-working class but they have been experiencing water problems.
People are now using the swamp, drain and rain water for washing, drinking and cooking.
Moresby North West MP Sir Mekere Morauta and NCD Governor Powes Parkop have not looked into this major water and sanitation issue.
We have voted them into Parliament to bring services to where we are but they cannot even deliver what we really need.
We have been forgotten by our elected MPs.
No men on earth can live without water for a day. Water is very important in life.
I kindly ask Parkop and Sir Mekere to look into this problem using their services improvement programme funds before the next election.
It’s a laughing matter to tell others about this issue when Morata one is located just five kilometers from the National Parliament.

Morata one New Block,
U’lepex tange

One thought on “Settlement needs water supply

  • Real Leaders hear people’s cry and respond quickly in no time. If NCDC can fund a new drainage system that was not necessary (the older one without any problem was demolished) from Morata 1 to 4CT at more than K1 million, why not a Water Supply at less than K50,000 to save a couple of thousand lives. Looks funny, some leaders can talk big and think small… Please vote them out in 2022.

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