Settlers appeal for better water supply

Normal, Papua


SETTLERS of Kasia 2 settlement on the outskirts of Port Moresby are appealing for assistance to ease their water woes.
Kuman Baimane Volunteer Group chairman and coordinator Joe Waine said settlers from Kasia 2 have been collecting water for cooking and consumption from neighbouring settlement, Kasia 1.
Mr Waine said the settlers have been looking for means and ways to bring water to their door steps for the 12 years.
“They cross the Laloki River to get water because they can’t use the Laloki River for consumption as the water could be contaminated which is a risk to the settlers’ hygiene,” Mr Waine said.
He said in 1997, a water tap was set up by the volunteer group and was funded by the British High Commission which was the only existing tap that catered for the two settlements ever since.
He said the population has increased and thus there is an increased need for the use of water and that has caused a lot of inconvenience among the settlers.
Kasia landlord Barbara Elisha said she had approached Eda Ranu to install a water system into the settlement but was told to provide a development plan before any action could be taken.