Settlers complain about being treated badly by police


SOME settlers living at Dark Street in Mt Hagen are complaining about being treated badly by police after an officer was allegedly attacked by a group of students.
Community leaders Paul Merawo and Cr Ben Yomba told The National that settlers originally from Chimbu were being targeted.
Yomba said the students who got drunk on Wednesday attacked the police officers at Y Waves Street, about 400 metres from Dark Street.
Yomba said no student from Chimbu living at Dark Street was in grade 12 at Hagen Park or Hagen Secondary schools.
“I do not know why policemen without any search warrant enter our homes, attack us and gathered all of us on the road, tell us to sit on the mud and to give the names of the students involved,” he said.
Yomba said he tried to explain to police officers that no one from the community had attacked the officers.
Provincial police commander Chief Superintendent Martin Lakari who was away in Port Moresby when the incident happened said he was not aware of the problembut would look into it when he returned.