Settlers get family health training

Normal, Papua


THE betterment of the child and family can only come about if a man is educated and supports his wife in implementing good health practices, a participant of a health training programme said last week.
Lukas Kita, who attended the one-day training together with his wife and 13 other participants, believed that in many households, men, as heads of families should understand  and be willing to let go of  misconceptions that family health concerns lay with the mothers or women only.
The mother and child health peer education training conducted by World Vision in 8-Mile settlement in Port Moresby last Thursday had participants including mothers, fathers and youths who wanted to learn about the importance of immunisation, and mother and child health.
Mirriam Hevellava, a site coordinator for World Vision in her community, said she was happy and
so were the participants, for the training to help them become agents of change in their own communities.
“This training is simple and is easily understood by the participants.
“We learnt how to read the health chart in clinic books and can now monitor children’s weight charts and educate mothers and young women,” she said.