Settlers secure land titles

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A GROUP of 164 families living in a settlement in Port Moresby have been given land titles by the National Capital District Commission.
The families, living at Saraga in Moresby South, were relocated from Paga Hill and Downtown five years ago to make way for the new 2-Mile Road.
Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko said the titles were given to the relocated families to build homes at Saraga.
“A lot of people were relocated and resettled, especially from the 2-Mile Hill, Paga Hill, Waterfront and other areas in Moresby South,” he said.
He warned the new title-holders not to sell the titles but to use them to secure loans to build permanent homes.
“Invest in the land as it would be (your) home forever,” Tkatchenko said. “For some of you, this would be a new start after being affected by the relocation.
“So settle down here. This is your home.”
Tkatchenko said the idea behind it was to properly organise their land and homes so that basic services could be delivered to them.
It is part of the settlement-to-suburb arrangement with the NCDC, lands department and the government working together.
The area used to be a rubbish dump. The commercial blocks in the area will have shops and clinics.


  • if 2 mile settlers were relocated, who are those that still remain at the same (2mile hill) settlement that is supposed to be settlement free.

  • Good initiative JT,

    Also could think of people affected with eviction at 14 mile and Buswara in coming March with JK and PP. They are also your people and deserve similar treatment.

  • This is very good, which in did will bring prosperity to the settlers who are dwelling in settlements.
    Most of the Individual Employees so call Country Developers (Labours, Subsistance farmers, Venders,Officers, & Exicutives )in a Business can not aford better acomodations due to wages that we earn, in which the gorvenment is very ignorent in settling he’s(Gorvenment) people to standerdize our earning from the traditinal way of villeage life to the mordan sivalisation when we all contribute to the Gorvenment Tax to develop and serve the people acording to the City Development Programes and yet Foregners and Business houses with lot of money gain favour from those greedy politicians in the government sectors for there own benefits.
    Thanks Tkatchenko, this is a very cool news to beging with and hopping to have this Land Tittle thing be carried across all settlement to give the prioty to the people to bring development to thier own acord acordingly to the Policies of City Development & Housing.

  • There are people from paga demolision which the company Paga development estate gave them land at six mile but not living there because the living condition out there at 6 mile is not healthy for the family so they are renting outside but have land there, the question is, these people are going get their title as well?
    please let us know.

  • Manning says social distancing is still the rule then we have MPs holding meetings or local cultural festivals all with large crowds

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