Settlers sign for NCDC’s ‘haus krai’

National, Normal

AN effective awareness campaign on the National Capital District Commission’s “haus krai” scheme saw two persons from the Bundi camp settlement taking out life insurance policies on Wednesday.
That brings the total to 10 people in Bundi camp who have insured themselves while more have indicated their interest in the scheme conducted by ward 4 councillor Moses Kaupa with his community development committee members a fortnight ago.
Another approach was also taken by an unemployed youth Richard Yobale when he took the initiative to insure Mathew Utu Yomba from Madang and Raphael Kumne from Simbu with money  Mr Yobale won from a bingo game.
Both Utu and Kumne reside in Bundi camp, 5-Mile.
Mr Yobale, in handing over the K64 premium to Mr Kaupa, said he was supportive of NCD Governor Powes Parkop’s good intention to provide financial support through the “haus krai” scheme to families stricken by deaths.
“Families find it difficult in meeting the costs of funeral and burial expenses and the insurance policy will help.
“Death comes anytime, regardless of age, gender or social status.
“Mr Parkop has actually taught us to prepare for such eventualities,” he said.
Both Mr Yomba and Mr Kumne thanked Mr Yobale for the assistance while Mr Kaupa expressed his gratitude on the level of awareness that is with the community.
Mr Yomba and Mr Kumne, in their late 50s, are qualified for the category B policy where in the event of death, the next of kin could submit a claim of K2,000 for burial expenses.
Fifty per cent of the premium is subsidised by Mr Parkop and the policy is renewable yearly.