Seven charged with sorcery-related deaths

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The National, Wednesday 19th September 2012

SEVEN people aged between 19 years and 65 have been charged with murder relating to sorcery killings of three men at Tangu in the Bogia district interior, Madang. They have appeared in court briefly.
Police said three others had escaped while 18 were in custody as investigations continue.
Those charged were Pius Tukdum, 65, Joseph Waerak, 50, Pius Gemar, 40, Philip Rufni, 35, Kevin Huapai, 22, Bilasus Ramsai, 20 and Florian Garai, 19, all from either Ambung or Biamb villages.
Police alleged that all seven were wilfully involved in the murder of Sonny Tumbai, 45 and from Sereken village, and the Dariki brothers – Patrick, 32, and Max, 27 – from the Ambung village in the Yawar council area.
The three who had escaped remain at large and 18 were held at the Jomba cells awaiting investigations.
A report from emergency medical registrar Dr Jiuth Gawi described the barbaric killings.
Police prosecutor Sgt Henry Somani said the seven charged appeared before the committal court briefly but due to seriousness of the case it was adjourned until later.