Seven lost at sea return home


The seven people from a small island on the Trobriand Islands of Milne Bay that drifted to Siassi in Morobe are back in the province, according to the provincial disaster and emergency coordinator.
Steven Tobessa said these people have been in Alotau for about two weeks now.
“Their flight from Lae to Alotau was thankfully the assistance of the National Disaster Center and the Morobe provincial disaster who coordinated and brought them over,” he said.
Tobessa said they survived on the sea for five days by eating raw yam and drinking rain water.
“The raw yams were not good for them but they managed to survive on rainwater until they arrived on the small island of Siassi,” he said.
The disaster and emergency center is arranging for their transport and has hired a small boat to take them to Iwa Island. The incident happened last month when six men with a lady adrift at sea after their vessel ran out of fuel were found on Umboi Island in Siassi.
Tobessa said earlier on that they were travelling to Kitava in the Trobriand Islands when they ran out of fuel.
They have been in Lae for about a month and are in Alotau now.

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