Seven Madang wards get councillors

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The National, Tuesday July 30th, 2013


WHILE there hangs tension between supporters of the Yama and Yagama factions in Madang over the Usino-Bundi recount, seven of the ten wards of the district have new councillors.

Late yesterday a slight delay in continuation of counting occurred over incorrect figures to actual ballot papers but that was later rectified.

A former convict and part of the Kapris gang slapped with several charges over his role in the Bank South Pacific heist in 2008, Bonny Solomon, was declared the new councillor for Ward 7 after the 18th elimination to win by 257 votes followed by Zacharias Tongia with 247 votes.

Those getting boosts in numbers through elimination were Watson Suaip scoring 323 for ward six; Ambrose Basse 472 for Ward 5; Martina Barum scoring 140 votes to win the Ward 3 seat and another female for Ward 2 Fredah Pomat with 144 votes.

The only candidate so far to retain his seat with an absolute majority was Bonny Simon, a police reserve constable who polled 242 to win.

The Ambenob LLG has declared 16 of its 23 wards yesterday.

Assistant returning officer, Albert Ului confirmed yesterday that his team 1 was still polling in Wards 1 to 5 which covered Krangket Island, Beon, Furan, Brahim, Mis-Kambar and Siar islands.

“This team should be completed by tomorrow,” Ului said.