Seventh-day church built after K25,000 raised


MEMBERS of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Wewak will soon worship in a new building.
The church is located at the Nuigo settlement, an area known for petty criminal activities.
It has about 200 members. They have been using a temporary building since 1995.
A fundraising event in 2015 to build a new church collected around K250,000.
The church was to have been completed last September but financial issues delayed it.
“Although it has cost us a lot of time, labour and money, by God’s grace we have managed to complete the new building,” said work foreman Darius Wari.
Young people from Nuigo volunteered their labour.
“We actually had a lot of challenges,” Wari said.
“But I’m grateful that we have now completed the new building for God’s people to come and worship Him as He is the provider of all things.”
He thanked the church members for raising the money.

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