Sevua’s pending 40 cases

Letters, Normal

The National- Friday, January 21, 2011

 YOUR article on retiring judge Mark Sevua (The National, Jan 18) troubles me as, I am sure, it does many other Papua New Guineans awaiting the dispensation of justice. 

Sevua appears to be blaming his failure to do justice to the 40 outstanding cases on the fact that his application for an extension of his term as judge was rejected. Could it be that it is because of that very fact that he failed to do justice to those 40 cases and others like it over the past 18 years that his employment was not extended?  

It is not the fault of the Judicial and Legal Services Commission that justice was not done in those 40 cases. 

Rather, it is Sevua’s fault for not dispensing with them as he was required and expected to do.

I understand that the Finance Inquiry matter was bogged down in his chamber for many months. 

This is about taking responsibility for one’s own actions, or lack thereof. 

Sevua’s passive-aggresive apology is truly disappointing. 



Port Moresby