Sewerage plant landowners blame government

National, Normal

The National, Monday 25th March 2013

LANDOWNERS of the sewerage plant in Mt Hagen are frustrated with the government for not addressing health risks they have been facing for more than 25 years.

A community leader said the plant had caused environmental damages, polluted drinking water and affected land reserved for making gardens.

Komkui sewerage redevelopment association chairman David Kansol said this was causing frustration among the local people because of inaction by government authorities.

“We have discussed the matter with our MP William Duma last year and the management of Water PNG in Mt Hagen is aware of the effects and dangers we have been facing but yet nothing is done,” he said.

Kansol said they had been trying to block off the plant but innocent people would suffer and business houses, the hospital and schools would be affected.

“We are trying to solve the matter in a peaceful way so that there is an understanding between us and offices concerned.”