Sewing training ends on high note

National, Normal

The National – Friday, February 11, 2011

MERI-blouse sewing is gaining a lot of interest among men and women in East New Britain.
Sewing training workshops conducted last month and this month in the province saw both men and women graduated with certificates and fully sewn meri-blouses of all styles and colours.
The first of the tailoring workshops was conducted in Matong, Tokai, Buka, Marmar and Pulpul wards in the central Pomio local level government.
The training was funded by ENB Governor Leo Dion through a K1 million funding to the East New Britain council of churches.
From the K1 million funding, half  had been spent on small scale community-based projects while the other half on institutional capacity integrated programmes.
According to officers from the division of community development, the output programme at Matong had been engaged specifically for SDA women, Catholics and the Kivung group.
From that output materials, six new sewing machines were also given as a New Year’s gift for mothers in the LLG.
After the two-week training, Michaela Paisparea, a representative of the women in the district and LLG, said she had never felt better seeing the participants in their self-made garments.
She encouraged them to utilise their skills in their homes and communities.