Sex compromises prison security

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The National, Tuesday 21st May 2013

 A VERY senior Correctional Services of­ficer was held up at gunpoint at a Port Moresby guest house by accomplices of prisoner William Nanua Kapris where he was allegedly having sex with a female warder, a confidential security document reveals.

The criminals then demanded that the officer call Bomana jail and direct the release of Kapris but the officer said it would be impossible.

The female warder was then taken hostage and held for a number of weeks before being released, the report stated.

The same senior officer is named as raping a female officer in a Lae hotel toilet during a conference but the incident was hushed up and no one was disciplined.

These, among other incidents of sexual encounters between warders and between war­ders and prisoners, are detailed in a special report compiled by a demoted officer.

The frustrated officer claims his demotion was because he was blowing the whistle on the CS for failing to address issues such as the sexual encounters.

Commissioner Martin Balthazar said yesterday the spoken of report contained only allegations and that its publication reflected negatively on the entire CS rank and file, the majority of whom were hardworking.

The CS whistleblower, who filed the report, said the sexual encounters were “in the eyes and ears of everyone (in the CS community) and that there was a lot of frustration because of a lack of decisive action.

The report reads in part: “The sexual affairs and rape … were known and protected and were never exposed. 

“This professional and highly executed sexual operation has defeated the purpose of the conference for senior managers and the mission and vision of the Correctional Service, and the prisoners who are undergoing punishments under our very own prison custody for sexual assaults and rapes of innocent women and young girls in our society. 

“The public must now join me to condemn such criminal behavior by law enforcement leaders.” 

The whistleblower goes further to question why the police and State should waste time, energy and resources on prisoner Kapris, now on the run, when offences such as the killing of prisoner Shane Aitsi (for which Kapris and others are prime suspects) were orchestrated by the CS, including the smuggling of the murder weapon into the jail and moving Aitsi from cell 10 B to cell 9 B, which made it “much easier and accessible” for him to be fatally stabbed.