Sex crimes on the rise

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SEX-RELATED violence is rising unabated in Madang and police are worried for communities because most of the victims are minors aged between 12 and 16.
“There were 20 sex-related assaults, including rape, reported to us last month till yesterday,” Madang commander Supt Mazuc Rubiang told The National.
The reports include 17 rapes, four attempted rapes and one sodomy assault.
Supt Rubiang said: “What is most disturbing and worrying is that most of the rape victims were schoolgirls. This is keeping policewomen and officers busy at the sexual offences squad (SOS) daily.
“This is not good and that most of the cases had not been attended to because of manpower, logistical and geographical constraints.
“Many of the cases were reported but the victims do not show up to give their statements for us to initiate arrests.”
Supt Rubiang reiterated that 20 cases in about six weeks “is a frightening record for this sort of crime affecting the fairer sex”.
“I am worried for the safety of our daughters and women, especially the minors,” he said, urging lawmakers to amend the laws to enhance penalties for sex crimes.
Acting officer-in-charge of criminal investigations division Chief Sgt Bola Rimur said most complaints received were from girls aged between 12 and 16 or minors.
Chief Sgt Rimur said many of the suspects involved in having sexual affairs with these minors were reported to police by their parents.
“Parents have the right to report if the girl is a minor,” he said.
“She can have a sex partner but if her age does not allow her and are reported to the police, the police will still arrest the man and charge him with sexual penetration (rape) of a minor.
“We have many such cases and some of these children had dropped out of school because of pregnancy.
“This is very bad for communities and society,” he added.


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