Sex education for rural people

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The National, Friday 12th April, 2013


THE Kerowagi Rehabilitation Centre is reaching out to communities and schools to educate them about sex, domestic violence and other social issues.

The centre was opened in February this year in Chimbu. 

It educates young people and mothers whose husbands have more than two wives to look after themselves better.

Centre coordinator Julie Kesa Monguai said many young people in the villages ruin their lives because of their lack of knowledge and no-care attitude towards sex.

“They regard sex as something for enjoyment or to get something out of. They sell their bodies without realising the risks they are taking,” she said.

Monguai said these resulted in the rapid spread of HIV/AIDS and other sexual transmitted disease in rural areas.

She said many innocent mothers were exposed to the HIV/AIDS virus because their husbands had many wives or sex partners.

She said even students were lured with money and materials into having sex. 

It resulted in early and unplanned pregnancy forcing them out of school.

“The centre conducted training and awareness for the mothers, fathers and young people on these issues at the centre last month.”

Monguai visits the Don Bosco Institute of Technology at Barawagi every Wednesday to educate students on these issues.

“With the rapid spread of HIV/Aids in the rural communities, sex is not something to play around with,” she said.

“It will cost lives if people are not careful.”

She said this was because not much awareness was carried out in the rural areas where most people lived.

The centre is a non-profit making organisation. She uses her own resources to educate illiterate people and students in rural areas.