Sex offenders holding us back


THE case of a man from Port Moresby who had been sexually abusing his daughter is sick. Then there is the man from North Waghi who took his own baby daughter from her mother’s hands and killed her. And in another case, a member of the Defence Force living in Manus sexually touched a minor.
These people are examples of mentally retarded and uncivilized citizens living among many good ones, showing unethical behaviours and causing riots in society.
This kind of behaviour is a disgrace and a slap in the face for the educated elites, leaders and other good people who have been working tirelessly to carry the flag of their province.
This country is in its 44th year of independence and we have experienced enough development to have learnt better.
There is no reason for people to behave so badly and people who do so hold us back.

John Malie Mol
Siwi Kul Dam, UPNG