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TWO 13-year-old girls were raped by sex predators in separate attacks in Mendi and East New Britain (ENB).
In Mendi, police arrested a couple for treating a girl as a prostitute by paying her K50 or K100 – forcing her into a threesome, molesting and raping her five times since last August until the attacks were exposed this month.
The other Grade 2 elementary schoolgirl was raped twice by his drunkard grandfather in ENB’s Gazelle on Jan 28.
Southern Highlands commander Chief Supt Martin Lakari said the couple were arrested and charged with five counts each for molesting and raping the girl.
Describing the rapes as “inhumane and the first of its kind I have come across”, Chief Supt Lakari said the girl’s uncle found out about the girl’s torrid nightmare and lodged a police report on Feb 18.
He said the couple used a Land Cruiser fitted with tinted glass to pick up the girl since last August.
“After satisfying themselves, they would pay her K50 or K100 and send her away, threatening to kill her if she told anyone about the sexual attacks.”
“The girl’s relatives became suspicious that something was not right with her.
“They confronted her and she told them of her plight,” Chief Supt Lakari said.
He said while the girl and her uncle were in the police station (on Feb 18), the couple’s relatives arrived in truckloads and tried to attack them (the girl and uncle).
However, Chief Supt Lakari said police managed to protect the girl and uncle and sent them back to their War village.
“I then called for reinforcement the next day (Feb 19) and went to Kiburu to arrest the couple and have them locked up,” he added.
He said the girl could be a student but “we have yet to confirm which school she is from”.
“The couple’s months-long attacks were inhumane, forcing the girl into performing unusual sexual activities. What type of society is this couple promoting here?
“They forced the girl to fondle their private parts and later the husband would rape her.
“Police will not allow any bails or fines for this case,” Chief Supt Lakari said in disgust, adding that only those with animal brains would force a girl into such acts.
In the meantime, Chief Supt Lakari said police were monitoring the situation and warned both parties not to take the law into their own hands.
“Let us deal with the process of the law,” he advised relatives of the victim and the couple.
In the other case, the Kerevat District Court on Wednesday remanded a 63-year-old man for allegedly raping his 13-year-old granddaughter twice in Taulil Number 2 in East New Britain (ENB).
ENB commander Chief Insp Joseph Tabali said police charged the suspected rapist with two counts of rape and abuse of trust and produced him in court for first mention.
He said the court ordered the suspect to be remanded in Kerevat Prison but due to Covid-19 protocols, he would remain in the Kerevat police lock-up for 14 days before his transfer to the prison.
Chief Insp Tabali said police investigations revealed that the suspect had at about 11pm on Jan 28 under the influence of alcohol kicked his daughter’s house door open and went straight to a room where the grade 2 schoolgirl was sleeping.
“He then grabbed his granddaughter, covered her mouth with his palm, undressed and raped her,” he said.
The victim’s parents were away visiting friends.
Chief Insp Tabali said when the parents returned home, the mother found her daughter sitting on the bed crying and semi naked.
“The mother then asked her what her grandfather did to her.
“She told her mother that grandfather had threatened to kill her if she told anyone (about the rape), including her parents,” he said.
Chief Insp Tabali said the girl was brought to the Kerevat Rural Hospital the same night for medical examination and the medical report revealed that she was raped.
“The rape was reported and the grandfather was arrested.
“My appeal to parents is to please always look after your children, especially your daughters.
“Do not trust anyone,” he added.


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