Sex saga reveals flaws

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The National, Friday July 26th, 2013


“A beautiful correctional woman officer, on duty in full CS uniform walked two kilometres from the Female Division compound and walked straight into the main male prison compound and demanded PNG’s most wanted criminal and BSP Bank robbery mastermind – prisoner William Nanua Kapris – to give her some money and have sex with him, (later it was alleged fifteen (15) times), all in broad daylight.” ……… “This illegal communication, money exchange and sex trade was never detected by CS security and intelligence system, no struggle, no alarm was raised, no gun shot was fired to give a warning that something is wrong inside the prison.”

The above quote begins a security report from Senior Insp Job Tamoko, acting manager for security and operations marked for the eyes of Chief Supt Michael Mondia, commanding officer of Bomana dated December 31, 2011.

The report is based on one incident but through it one can see the extent to which the security, command and control of the prison service in Papua New Guinea has been very seriously compromised.

Kapris stories abound, now he has been shot dead by police, but this particular one begins on Tuesday, Dec 6, 2011, when he walked into Temoko’s office and presented a short explosive statement.

Kapris, prisoner no. 10782, revealed to Tamoko that over a period of 19 months he had been having sexual relations with female warder, Cpl Rose Kambluagi Filoua (4264), in the welfare office toilet on no less than 14 occasions and once in the CIS administration toilet.

The deal was for money and he had had his friends and relatives pay but Kapris had become aware of a plot, he said, to have him killed by certain of his enemies and wanted protection.

Based on the Kapris statement, Kambluagi Filoua was produced in court charged with carrying on carnal relations with a known prisoner.

When the matter went to trial however, the police prosecution had no evidence and no witnesses. 

Kapris had changed his mind in the meantime and refused to sign police affidavits, referring all inquiries to his lawyer.

With no evidence to prosecute, the case was dropped and Kambluagi walked out of court back to Bomana Correctional Institutions Services HQ, where it is believed she remains a warder under suspension to this day.

The news of sex between warder and prisoner was electrifying outside of prison but hardly created a ripple inside the prison. The security brief carrying the Kapris revelation and a few very important recommendations were not acted upon.

As we shall see, sex between prisoners and warders or anybody else and compromising of security were hardly new events in this and at least one other jail in the country. Three female warders, all married with children, are on report as having all night group sex in the Boroko area of Port Moresby with seven just released remandee friends of Kapris.

Revelation of the sexual encounter between Kapris and Kambluagi spurned its own jealous repercussions and in time certain prisoners inside the jail were contacted to do Kapris and his friends in, according to Tamoko’s report.

Based on the Kapris statement, Tamoko included in his recommendations to his Commander, a strong appeal to keep identified prisoners separate.

The report reads in part: “It was this unfaithful love between the married couple (Filoua-Kambluagi) that has sparked and ignited the already burning fire between the Papuan prisoners and the Highlands prisoners, in that the two old arch rivals – prisoners Shane Aitsi and John Siko Wel (Kapris accomplice) are not on good terms. 

Shane Aitsi and his Papuan snippers – John Peter Plesman, Roy Laiam and Linus Oa were after John Siko Wel and William Nanua Kapris, the report said.

A live bullet and a home-made gun were said to have been smuggled into the compound to be used against prisoners Kapris and Wel.

The Tamoko report said further: “It is highly recommended that the Papuan ring leaders – Shane Aitsi, John Peter Plesman, Roy Laiam and Linus Oa be immediately separated to Separate Confinement Unit, and further transferred to other isolated correctional institutions in the country, all for the good of security and peace among the prison population in Bomana C.I.

“It is also recommended that once the pending case of John Siko Wel is over, he must also be immediately transferred to other correctional institution, preferably for security reason, he be transferred to Barawagi CI. 

“I strongly believe that if we act on this recommendation, we will see a new breath of life, when peace and good security will prevail in this Correctional Institution.”

The recommendations bore prophetic accuracy as events unfolded 24 months later but that could have been avoided had the recommendations been acted upon at the time.

On January 25, 2013, in a clash between the Aitsi group and the Kapris group, Aitsi was stabbed fatally and died on arrival at the Port Moresby General Hospital.

Alas the confrontation was unevenly matched. The Kapris group had with them three long serrated edge “Rambo” style knives, the murder weapons that were believed to have been smuggled into the prison through the Kapris money-sex network.

Indeed, by a strange set of coincidence, now believed to have been orchestrated, Shane Aitsi and William Kapris on the fateful day were in compound B when Kapris had been segregated and isolated in C cell block for monitoring and surveillance for his own safety.


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