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PORT Moresby residents have been urged to report to police any illegal activities such as prostitution in their neighbourhood so they can be investigated immediately.
Met Supt Perou N’dranou was responding to concerns raised about the increasing cases of prostitution in the city, mostly during the day.
“Prostitution is illegal, but police cannot make any arrest on anyone on streets without any evidence,” he said.
“People (who lodge complaints of such illegal activities) have to come up with evidence (to have someone arrested),” he said.
“Evidence is important so it can be used in court (to prosecute someone),” N’dranou said.
The issue resurfaced last week after police warned foreign-owned nightclub owners to stop employing women for the purpose of prostitution.
Acting Deputy Police Commissioner Donald Yamasombi said police had been made aware of what had been happening in some nightclubs in Port Moresby and other urban centres.
He said they were closely monitoring activities and would arrest club owners if they were found to be involved in such illegal activities.
In Port Moresby, areas around 4-Mile are frequented by girls and “clients”. They have their own time and area of rendezvous.
At Koki, there is a spot frequented during the day time by couples, including students.
A female resident at 4-Mile told The National she had been “approached” a few times by male “clients” who thought she was involved in the illegal practice too.
She said they were mistaken as sex workers and approached by people in vehicles.
Another female said some women and girls in Boroko were afraid to walk alone along the road. They now walk in the company of others to do their business in Boroko.
She said her husband was beginning to feel suspicious of her because of the “unwanted” attention she had been getting from total strangers.
One claimed that the girls involved are usually between 18 and 30 who try to lure married men and “executives” in exchange for money and goods. Some of the women are young and pretty and target older men.
“They walk around the streets or stand in regular spots. For us normal women, it’s difficult to walk fast in such environment lest they think we are prostitutes as well.”


  • This information is very true because yesterday around 7-8 pm , I saw a lot of women and girls sitting in front of a club with their eyes everywhere. However, the big question is ” Why are they engaging in such illegal and very dangerious activity, given the fact that almost all of them are aware of its consequences? we need to look at the roots of this issues rather then stoping them. I am not encouraging them, but trying to inform us to find the possible causes of this act. Thank you.

    • Very true.. Identify the root and impletement laws to control it..We cannot stop it but we can control it..

  • I think we need to legalise Prostitution and open brothels but to be strictly more safe and health wise.
    We can`t go on pretending nothing is happening for our young girls and women of our country who are engaging themselves in this industry indirectly or directly. Educate and Legalise this industry because they survive from selling their body and it`s already rooted and visible all in all districts,towns and cities in PNG.
    Let`s not pretend but care for their welfare as they survive from it.

    My honest opinion!

  • Life is really hard in the city and they are there to make ends meet.

    These are social problems associated with development issues. They will never go away, no matter how hard we try to stop. Other countries have gone thru and PNG will be no exception, until and unless the Government steps in and does some things to lure people into meaningful activities.

  • We are talking about fighting HIV, and amount of money spent on the drugs for people, yet this victims are again on the street to spreed it out. Why not make it legal and controlled.

  • I believe that we have to come right down to the root of the cause of this So Called THE PROSTITUTION. Otherwise I put my hands up on what Sam Jay as mentioned about legalize it. That will help stop spreading Disease. .

  • Some parts of the settlement around the capital city they usually switch off the light and dance, called WASA GATE. Underage girls got pregnant.

  • It occurs everywhere in PNG, but to stop this kind of bad practice we have to end every club in PNG. This is a Western style we are adapting because we are confused. We are weak in the way we think. Strengthen our good cultures and customs and should review the constitution.

  • My appeal to Government Authorities that this is a sign of poverty and rising unemployment in PNG.
    Inorder to solve such problems a land mass needs to be secured and fenced.
    They need to be equipped with All life skills training to take care of their own lives in the future.

  • Every person on the face of this beautiful earth has free will. The will to choose between right and wrong and good and bad. Most ate driven by their craving for high life. Some of us grew up in a hard life but decuded that to go to God with my struggles to help me find a way out of my problem. God is the answer there’s no 2 way about this. It’s simple “BAD CHOICES” they make every day. We cannot blame govr or relatives. .. Those who practice take the blame themselves. . They choose it.. not anyone

  • It is very sad to see women and girls involved in sex business for they no longer care about christian values and principles. Papua New Guinea is no longer a christian nation for people are now living sodomy life and no longer interested about the word of God..
    The End Times Approaching.

  • This information is very true but I only see men doing pick ups at Boroko infront of Boroko Lodge and back of Police Station Boroko. Where they take them I don’t know. But if they want to know a good story and make arrests, they have to ask Taxi drivers. Taxi drivers now that place better.

  • Prostitution….. One of the very oldest professions in the World… You can never stop it. But we can find means of controlling it. Its found every where in the world and mentioned in the bible. Noah’s time, Sodom and Gomorrah, even in Jesus’ time. PNG is no Christian country. It never was. There is corruption everywhere in the very midst of our Parliamentarian and Politicians and yet you say we are a christian country. Black magic or sorcery is all around us and there is no fear of God. So, how then can we control prostitution? Give these girls jobs. Create jobs for them so they can feed themselves and maybe even their loved ones. But what jobs are there on offer for them. Can you or any Top working citizen give them money everyday to support them? Unless we find means of engaging these girls in good and better jobs to help themselves and their families, prostitution will remain. Do not play the Blame Game. Its on US.

  • who are those ladies looking for money every where
    find them and take to justice for proper punishment

  • The root cause is poverty. They looking for ways to look after themselves, look after their kids and they need money for survival in the city. They is no free food, no free shelter in the city. How can the government involve all youths in employment, it cannot happen overnight so there will always be prostitution.

    It will take time to change for better. As Christian Nation, lets help each other in what ever we can and married people, avoid having sex with them. You will spread decease to your family.

    Lets hope that this government will provide better polices to accommodate such youths to be active in other money making activities to avoid prostitution.

  • Problems such as this would not happen for nothing, but there is a reason behind this, how can someone resort to such illegal and risky activity like this when he/ she has everything, it all goes down to “Unequal Distribution of Wealth,” which leaves people poor and as a result they resort to such illegal activities. Therefore in order to address this issue, the authorities must dig down to the root of the problem and address it in a proper way.

  • It is also animalistic, because the truth about being an image of God as well as Sons and Daughters of is no longer in the minds and Hearts of the girls and women.
    Dear young girls and women, please do not become slaves of money and sell your holistic body to demonic practices. Are you created as a second hand human being? Do you think at the end of the day the money and goods you got will last. By the end of time you will loose everything. How can you explain to Jesus, your personal Savior who died for you voluntarily to bring you to eternity and you kept on doing what you should not do. Did Jesus wasted time in giving his life for you.
    Respect yourself and find other alternatives to survive and not through prostitution.

  • Challenge to the government and churches now. What is the government doing for them?. What strategies do you have specifically for them? Take back PNG, take these girls and mothers back.

    What are the so called churches in PNG doing?…too much church politics or money searching..or “Too Heavenly minded and NO earthly use”…What strategies do the Catholics, Lutherans, UC and the SDAs have for such people? Come on churches….Wake Up PNG!

  • If some people don’t know prostitution is known as the “oldest profession” and to say its illegal is an under statement to say the least. The best way forward is to control it…in every country in the world prostitution is rife and thriving but there is also control in place. You will never get rid of prostitution by making it illegal because it will always operate ‘underground’ just like illegal drug trade and that is dangerous.

  • A very sad situation here, prostitute is here to stay, it is not happening in Moresby alone but also around the country as well. This women are doing this because they simply don’t have any work or things to do so they turn to prostitute as a means to survive. Quick bucks in minutes ,not working 2 weeks for little money.
    Our government needs to step in with tough laws and this women must be helped in ways to make an honest living with government support.
    Government should put aside funds to help this women start something up for themselves instead of selling their body for money.
    One question is don’t this ladies have families who can discourage them from such activities. For me, shameful if one of my family member is involve in such activity.

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