Sex work a necessity’ in city

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THE high cost of living and the scarcity of jobs on the market have led some women to resort to prostitution to earn a living, it has been revealed.
A woman, 28, who spoke to The National yesterday on the condition of anonymity, said some of them were killed but their cases never reported or investigated because of the clandestine nature of their work.
She said some of the unidentified female bodies at the Port Moresby General Hospital were of murdered prostitutes.
She urged people to understand that they were putting their lives at risk and selling their bodies on the street “out of necessity”.
“There are no jobs. Even university graduates are looking for jobs,” she said.
“I have a Grade 12 Certificate and got accepted at a university. But I couldn’t attend it because my family couldn’t pay my fees.
“I can’t find a job with my Grade 12 Certificate to take care of my family.”
She said housing rental rates were unaffordable, food was expensive.
“And in PNG, we take care of our own. My parents are old now and it’s my responsibility to take care of them. Many other women on the street also have their own reasons.
“Some need the money more so than me. They do it to pay medical bills or school fees, or to feed their children after their husbands ran off.
“So we put our lives at risk not because we are lazy, but because there are no other options.
“This is the only way we can take care of our loved ones, by selling ourselves on the streets.”
She said a couple of her colleagues went out with the wrong client and were never seen again.
“There is nothing much we can do. Prostitution is illegal. So how can we lay a missing person report at the police station or tell the police that our friend left with a client and was never seen again?
“We later hear that her body was found, or that it was dropped of the hospital morgue.
“It breaks my heart because these woman had dreams. But somewhere along the line, the system failed them, so they had to resort to this,” she said.
She said now even young men were joining the women in selling themselves on the streets.
“You wouldn’t believe the number of big women who come looking for young men on the streets.”
She urged church leaders who were ridiculing what they were doing to help their congregation members.
“While you buy yourself nice vehicles, a member from your congregation may be struggling. So help them before they start resorting to prostitution too.”
She also reminded the Government that “prostitution has been here since before the Birth of Jesus Christ.”
“It’s not something that can just disappear overnight. The Government should legalise and regulate it.”
“If the Government doesn’t want to legalise it, then it must start providing more job opportunities and increase the minimum wage rate.”


  • This is a very serious cases now and the government should do sometime about it. Prostitution is something nobody wants to talk about it but its happening before our own eyes. God has given every human being the power of choice and that power of choice comes with responsibilities to manage ones own life and the result of what ones does will be rep when the right time comes. One will rep what he or she sow. Galatians 6: 7-8

    If women involved in prostitution reckon that the way to live, fine but remember, you will be judge for your choice. Choice who you will serve but for me and my household will will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15b

  • This is not an excuse, city life is getting very expensive, hence women facing such situations should return back to their home provinces in their village and sow the land to survive..

  • lame pathetic excuses, Go back to your fucking Land and toil the soil to earn cash…
    Just because you are so so lazy, you cant find success in some good means where resorting to sell your pussy becomes a paramount agenda for survival..

    You ask for it, you received death and Death is proportional to what you ask for.
    I pray that you should be the next on the death list unless you refrain from your laziness.

  • Tell your daughters, wife and mother to do sampling and tasting of prostitution in the city and then PNG will make decisions afterwards

  • What ever genuine reasons you may have that has led to prostitution, those reasons will not be an excuse on the judgement for sending many men to hell. you will be held accountable for your abominations.
    We are not living in the deserts of Sahara or other deserts country in the world. PNG is full of fertile land so make use of it to survive. Don’t provide excuses for making past money while others are getting it through sweating their guts out.
    Because, prostitution is another ways of spreading HIV and other STIs killing many people. You stop these unnecessary excuses.

  • The last paragraph is irrelevant, this country is only 43 years old and also a christian country, its not for you people to tell GoPNG to legalize the prostitution in PNG..
    Everything is at home not in the city , tell them to go back to their village rather stay in the city make any inconvenience in the city making money out of their body …

  • There are some considerate cases where a women is left to her last resort of prostitution. In this case I believe she is not trying hard enough to find a job, your education level could earn you a supervisory position at one of our local shops within or even better, most of the girls working in shops/bars around Papua New Guinea are not educated to the level that she is. Girl with a grade 12 certificate working as a prostitute? No way, perhaps she likes sex so she become a prostitute. Not judging or anything, just saying she has 100x more potential to find a decent job than 99% of the prostitutes out there. But I feel for those less fortunate then she is.

  • Prostitution is not a necessity but a product of the society we live in. Food is necessity. Medicine is necessity. Health and education are necessities. Those who claim that prostitution is a necessity are those who don’t know how to make a bilum, how to make a garden, or sell basic items or food for the daily living. If you can earn fast money just for spreading your legs, why wasting your time at the market?
    It is a two way thing. Those women sell their bodies because there are clients. Clients are are politicians, managers, accountants, public servants, policemen etc….who would rather prefer to spend their cash on K2 women then on their own families.
    Also blame thw government for the education system and economic system for pushing our sisters, daughters and mother’s out on the road to engage in such activities.

  • Many reasons can be given for prostitution and whatever we say against prostitution, nobody can stop it. I am not saying “against” or “for” it. Every adult and adolescent do need to make wise decisions. We can blame one who sell as a prostitute but how can we describe the person who buy another person for sex? I think both are prostitutes.
    However, before one can sell or buy, he or she should decide to go ahead with it or do something different.
    Women should look for a husband or do some marketing, look for jobs, DO NOT GIVE UP, TRY HARDER. SELLING FOR SEX CAN BE THE LAST RESORT.

  • The more we fight something that has become something of a norm in society it backfires… take for instance the buai ban instigated in preparation for the APEC meeting… lives were lost people drowned some allegedly deported back to thier home provinces, did all these measures make any difference??? NO!!
    We all as people of Papua New Guinea with diverse ethnicity have come to the city in search for a better life…
    What does it matter if some of us degrade themselves to achieve this as the people of one country we sure as hell dont help our struggling brothers and sisters??

  • Prostitution is an exploitative practice, which involves a woman who has sex with customers to whom she is not attracted, and which also routinely exposes the women to psychological, physical and sexual violence. As such it can be very harmful to society as it reinforces the idea that women are sex objects which exist for men’s enjoyment, which can be “bought” and which can be “used” solely for men’s sexual gratification.
    I’d just say she’s one of the few lazy individuals in the society with high expectations of receiving handouts on a golden plate. She’s trying to use coercion and poverty as a ‘Cultural icon’ thus prostitution has a very negative effect, both on the prostitutes themselves and on society as a whole, as it reinforces stereotypical views about women, who are seen as sex objects which can be used and abused by men.

  • Png is a Christian country. Our culture also does not allow for prostitution. We have our own sharia law that deals with the practice of prostitution in every region and society.
    All efforts must be made to stop any move to legalize prostitution. To allow it in any form is an assault on our custom and family institution. Legalization of prostitution has the potential to dehumanize sex workers to lose dignity and human virtues. It is an assault on the stronghold of family unity. Prostitution is not our way of life.
    Those engaged in this activity should refrain and make drastic decision for other means of survival. Unlike other countries no one in PNG has starved to death.

  • A real life is lived between sweat and struggle, NOT between divided legs. Life lived out from divided legs is witchcraft, sodomy, evilic, satanic, etc…
    We have 3 stages in life and they are; we born once, live once & die once. Now we are heading towards the final and that is, die. Live a real live and die peacefully. God Bless.

  • When you isolate yourself from the creator that places you here to full filled your intended purpose. You will surely find it hard to survive and come up with all sorts of excuses. Repent and give your life to Him and you will be surprise of the wonders you will be doing upon your live.

  • Can the Goverment of the day see this as a urgent problem and make laws that will penalise people who do this prostitution business.If I am a grade Six dropout and truggling marketing to make ends meet, why you grade 12 doing this prostitution behaviuor? please your qualification tells me that you can become a supervisor in a organisation but it seems that your are lazy to look for job.I THNK YOU LOVE YOUR FAST MONI WOK.

  • Pathetic excuse for some of the stupid and very lazy women.Our country is known as Christian Country and we are blessed with so many things.What more do you need and you want the government to legalize your satanic activity? SHAME ON YOU. If you are not fit to leave and survive in the city by other means instead of being a prostitute, just go back to your village and toil the land, you will see cash.If you are not living for your village than you will be the next one to kick the bucket.

  • So this is another sign of evil been manipulative in something (prostitution) this country has not legalized.
    What makes you think there is no job in this city or every other province. Our government sucks at creating more job opportunities for everyone, but a hard-working person eventually lives a happy life. Every struggle and turmoil is an experience worth going through. God is not dead and he gives you that gift of life to do his will and his will alone. He is a patient and loving God, I mean no harm in been judgemental, who am I to judge but make peace with God and turn away from what you’re doing and you will see the true gifts of happiness which only comes from God. God has the last say in your life it is all up to you now to make a choice.

  • Rebecca Kuku so you’re an advocate for legalizing prostitution. Come on lady, think about what’s gonna happen to the country if this is legalized. Thousands of marriage will be destroyed, it will encourage more young women to venture into it, it will allow for trafficking of young girls from our villages to be sold into prostitution, and it will increase the business of night clubs. You are trying to support fornication.


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