Sex workers’ plea for help

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Prostitutes request protection after one was gang-raped, beaten, left to die on roadside

SEX workers have urged the Government to pass a law to protect them after one of them was recently gang-raped, beaten and left to die on a roadside in Port Moresby.
One of them told The National: “Yes, she is a prostitute. We all are. And we have our reasons why we are in this trade. But we are also Papua New Guineans. We are also human.”
The sex workers, who agreed to be interviewed on the condition that their identities be not revealed because they could end up in trouble with the law, said they were forced into the trade not by choice but as a matter of survival.
One said they sold their bodies “for a living out of necessity” knowing there was no law to protect them. They are afraid to report to police inhumane and cruel acts on them by men who pay for their services because they can end up in trouble.
“My friend was brutally gang raped. She had to have her (private parts) stitched. She was beaten to the point where she nearly died,” one said.
She said if not for a “Good Samaritan who found her and rushed her to the hospital”, the co-worker might not be living today to tell her story.
“She can’t even lodge a complaint because prostitution is illegal. We have no rights (protection).
“We can be murdered tomorrow and no one will care because we are prostitutes.
“But (people must remember) that we are also human beings and we are also Papua New Guineans.”
The 24-year-old victim said she was paid to spend an hour with the client.
He took her to a lodge in Port Moresby where eight men raped her. She told of how she called out for help but heard people outside laughing at her.
“No one helped me even though I screamed for help. There were people outside. I could hear them laughing and saying (that I was a prostitute). Yes, I was paid for one hour with one client only.”
In 2016, a motion to protect sex workers tabled in Parliament by then Sumkar MP Ken Fairweather met strong opposition. It was defeated.
In February this year, Justice Minister and Attorney-General Davis Steven said the position of the law on prostitution in PNG was not clear.
He was waiting for the State Solicitor “to give me specific legal support on matters like that”.
Community Development, Religion and Youth department acting secretary Pala Yondi earlier said the department was concerned about sex workers who were abused, assaulted and raped because there were no laws to protect them.
Catholic Bishops Conference of PNG and Solomon Islands Bishop Rochus Tatamai blamed the increase in sex workers on the current “economic crisis”.


  • These women should find a fine husband or go home rather than giving excuses and asking for law to protect them…Even if they come from broken families, no homes, no food or what not should go to the Church and seek help from God.

  • Tell these sex workers to go back to their home of origin and tilt the soil to earn the money for living. Government is trying to promote and protect Christianity and not the sex workers.

  • There may be contrary with the christian position of the nation if considered legalization.
    For now there are no laws neither denying nor protecting prostitution!
    Given such case, it sounds illegal practising it which we consider it inhuman behavior considering no tax inputs from that industry. Government to amend tax conditions the prime agenda when tabled for legalization. For now, no such plea does not suggest any good call during this epic moments.

  • Is there any law pass by the Papua New Guinea Government to have prostitution in our country no i don’t think so but people do prostitute work by their own ways meaning its illegal please people the simple thing to do is the GODS promises to us through is word in the Bible were it says TRUST in him and Tast and see that the Lord is good and if you ask any thing and any thing in his NAME he will give you he will never say no


  • The country should never entertain this demonic practices or even passing a bill in parliament for this kind of people so end of day you harvest what you plant on side road , in the car , in the bush , on the road , etc

  • Prostitution is an act taken by many as an easy way or means to earn money due to LAZINESS.
    The Simple solution is to Go find a job and make a honest living or go home to your village and work your land to help sustain yourself.
    Prostitution should not be legalized, it should no be catogorized HUMAN Rights, it is SIN.
    – Legalizing of Prostitution will;
    1) Destroy Families (cause alot of men to be unfaithful, thus destroying the Institution of Marriage/family that God has ordained).
    – Promiscuity will result in total chaos in the structural frame of the family.
    – Homes will be broken, kids will be raised without a dad, and as the result many will turn to engag in illegal activities since their is no leadership.
    – The move would have grave repercussions for the entire country
    2) Increase the spread of STDs, Aids and etc
    3) Violate Biblical Principles set before man-kind by God.
    Principles Influences Practice.
    If the Government is serious about our status as a Christian Nation, then they will totally ignore this evilness that will destroy the fabric of our Family and the lives of the Future Generations.
    “To Take Back PNG”, we must be serious about God’s standard and God’s Ways instead of Man’s mere opinion or standard.

  • We have huge hectares of lands untouched by human hands. Why not we go back to our villages and start farming. We all don’t know the origin of money but we blindly look for ways to get money. Why not start farming and sell our produce, rather than selling yourself.
    If Papua New Guinea was overpopulated, prostitution would have been seen as a alternative to support individuals. Papua New Guinea is not overpopulated, its our laziness that is overpopulating our brain. Seems that there is no other way to survive but have faith in God. Close all the doors of sin and you’ll see other doors opening for you.
    Prostitution is illegal and must no be legalised. Prostitution is a problem and not a solution to a problem.

  • Why legalized prostitution in the country?
    Prostitution should not be legalized as it is against the constitution and as a matter of fact that Papua New Guinea was known for its Christian reputation. Government of the day mustn’t consider this situation as crime against the victim because this is what the victim wants by taking her own risk. If she wants money then she should have consider other options rather than selling her self to some random guy who can do anything awful with her.

  • “Wages of Sin is Dead’ and “Prostitution is sin.” The Bible states it clearly. If PNG Parliamentarians pass a law to save guard the perpetrators then they will encouraging sin so they already are part of that sin then everyone is condemned to DEATH- THIS COUNTRY WILL BE CURSED SINCE WE KNOW THE TRUTH AND IF WE CONTINUE TO SUPPORT THIS EVIL DEED.

  • Why legalized prostitution in the country?
    Prostitution should not be legalized as it is against the constitution and as a matter of fact that Papua New Guinea was known for its Christian reputation. Government of the day mustn’t consider this situation as crime against the victim because this is what the victim wants by taking her own risk. If she wants money then she should have consider other options rather than selling her self to some random guy who can do anything awful with her. She is a disgrace to our country and must be dealt with accordingly. Don’t even consider this situation a crime because she has done it for her own benefits by taking her own risk therefore, her situation must not be entertained!.

  • You shall reap what you sow… indirectly you are telling government to allow prostitution in the country.
    You know that you bai end up doing or kisim sik nogut na Yu wokim yet… YOUR RIGHTS COME RESPONSIBILITIES….

  • Prostitution is illegal, but assault rape, and attempted murder are criminal offense and such they should still press charges. A criminal gunned down by police can still sue the police for shooting him likewise the prostitutes should still report the matter to the law. Because what the offender will most likely repeat the offense on another lady given the opportunity to do so.





  • Simply put Prostitution is an Offence, therefore as the Maximus which states ” You must come with clean hands to seek the protection of the Law”. Hence prostitution is an offence and knowingly engaging in that act then seeking the protection of the law to protect you from the offence you have just committed, is contrary to the rule of law.

    Furthermore, times are tough but try to seek to earn on a meaningful way which is accepted by law and for the betterment of the nation as a whole. Prostitutes should be arrested and charged per to the Code.


  • Rubbish call that should not be entertained by the Government. Selling onself or prostituting and begging is the last desperate actions people resort to after every avenue has been exhausted. Papua New Guinea has vast areas of fertile land that needs productive and able people like these prostitutes to make a living out of. Go back to your homes and make an honest and decent living there instead of going there and crying foul over mistreatment, harassment and abuse. Besides, entertaining these ungodly lifestyle will only defeat the governments declaration of PNG to be Christian country.

  • Regulate prostitution so that prostitutes can engage in their trade in designated areas. Not everyone has everything to satisfy their needs. We have all kinds of people living in society in terms of education, health, social status, literacy, wealth, Christians, non-Christians, etc. so we have to be sensitive to the needs of these various categories of people.

  • Last week tasol em National Repentance Day! Don’t support them. The pay for going into Prostitution is for you to be harassed. PNG sot long graun ah?

  • Every person say prostitutional activity is sin I agree with them. Prostitution is not allowed in Papua New Guinea but here these perpetrators committed a crime which is Rape. Someone said ‘for the wages of sin is death’, this is so called misunderstanding of Bible. Bible says “For all have sinned and fall sort of the glory of God”. We all are sinners but some of us are not dying. So Romans 6:23 refers to the Second Death speaks of by Revelation.
    These victims are human beings and they do for the living as the interviewees explained.
    Have some feelings to their lives too…

  • it could be a sister, it could be a mother or it could be a daughter. whatever it is they choose to do, let the good Lord be the only judge. we must not try to chase them away, rather it is more better to give them hope and courage to help them find a better life. they are the citizen of this land and deserves every right to equall share of every resources of this land. why not provide an education system to educate those prostitute into sewing, cooking, gardening, and other effective measures to combat this issue. it’s better to identify the cause in order to solve a problem….

  • This is crazy. Prostitution should not be legalized.
    Go lo ples holim graun na kamapim moni.
    What a SHAME.

  • Prostitution should not be legalized in Papua New Guinea. PNG is the world know christian country. There is no way in the scripture says you must practice prostituation for basic essentials. Our good lord had blessed our beautiful country with natural resources and a fertile land.
    Please my sister, if you are in the possession of prostituation, Leave that fast demonic Work. Go back home, support your parents, work in garden and sustain your life.

  • Lets face the facts, Prostitution has been around in PNG regardless of how we want to see it and its one of the oldest trade in the human history dating back to biblical times. Since we are a Christian Country we should know, not to pass judgement even our Lord forgave a prostitute from her sins, regardless of who she is. For our Lord can forgave, what makes you and me perfect to pass judgement rather find a solution to help the situation. We should not deny the reality of this world and prostitution is part of that reality. We either face the reality and know how to deal with it or we live in denial and let our mothers & sisters become victims because men will take advantage of them. If we claim that we are of Christian faith than lets not pass judgement on them (prostitutes), we all are not perfect and so is this world we live in. We can’t claim we are a Christain Country till our actions speaks for itself.

  • PNG is a world known christian black nation but is is also a democratic nation, meaning every individual has right to do what is good for him/her own benefit. Therefore, its their choice to join prostitution so the government should look into that and put a law that will protect them. Remember, in the end they are human being just like you and I looking for bread and butter.

  • Just wasting your valuable time in opening legs and seeking for HIV/AIDS simply go back to where you come from and settle your buttocks and dig deep into soil because every thing you see come from the soil, just wasting your valuable time to open your legs, so its better you go back to your village
    “Remember we are living in a competitive world there is no place for lazy people”
    Your are simple wasting your time to talk to the authority, this is what we called double trouble, your only entertaining their hears with your dirty report but just accept it and waiting for the next worse thing to happen to you if you still opening legs for money.

  • Send them to their villages to cultivate the soil to make money not sex for money. Demonic possessed women. Sodom and Gomora on the RISE in PNG if legalize

  • Currently PNG is recognised as a christian country so why should government pass the Bill and Enact Prostitution act in Parliament? this will again paint bad image for our country so can government make one policy that any women involved in prostitution should be held up by police and send back to where she come from? what is the difference between staying in towns or cities rather than staying in your own village? do we have surplus of food available in towns and nothing in our remote villages? come on laddies, stop practising prostitution with only reason saying we do for survival but stead they hunger for sex. i urge government to get rid of these idiots out from our country’s capital and send them to their respective villages.

  • Women are a first people whose disobey Gods command, for this very reason the creation fall apart from Gods glory. Lord cursed the man and women to sward their gards for their survival, yet the same women tried to get the free plate of food by selling their wounderfull Gods made body for money. God does not made us to be a prostitute, but to be a successfull man and women. This news that was reported are out of the considersation of government.

  • This is really bad. The PNG government must not entertain these kind of people. Shame on these kind of people and really shame on the one who reported this stupid to the media and also request to the government. PNG yumi gat planti ground stap yah go nabout lo ples na holim ground na planim samting. Wamen kain Benefit stret ol save kisim kam lo country na askim government lo protection. The government must know that this is illegal activity being practiced by these people so they must be put in prison. there is no need for this kind of people in this country,

  • I don’t think the Parliament have passed a bill regarding prostitution in the past or even in the future as well, so why wasting your time hanging around the streets and towns rather than going back to your respective communities and try do something else that is beneficial.

  • PNG govenment should not entertain this. This is evil practise !!!
    Why is the Government putting more money into agriculture???
    It is meant for such ladies and my advise to these prostitute are to go home, marry a villager who can work on the land for you if you can’t handle a spade or a bush knife and earn a honest living.
    Ministry of community development should do more awearness to get those lazy ladies out of the shreets, they are doing more damages to families well being.
    If you felt it difficult you should take a trip out of PNG, be a citizen somewhere, were prostitutions are Legal and continued your jobs.
    It is decleared a christian nation (PNG) so there is no vacant room for such activities.

  • stateman says: and I support how can we call our self Christian and yet we discriminate each other. Yes Prostitution is illegal in PNG and morallly it is wrong so as killing, stealing, etc you name all the sins you can call sins. the lady has all the right under the law to take those who gang rape her to court it is her right and this should be made clear to her and her friends. With that I dont think it is now right to say yes to prostitution in PNG we are not ready.

  • Legalizing Prostitution in the country means sending the country’s beautiful daughters to hell.
    Galatians 5:19-21,
    19 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, 20 Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, 21 Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.
    – Adultery, fornication is against God’s ways and God does not want any man woman to part take.

    There is warning from God already given and lets be aware of it.

  • Legalizing Prostitution in the country means sending the country’s beautiful daughters to hell.
    Galatians 5:19-21,
    19 Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, 20 Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, 21 Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.
    – Adultery, fornication is against God’s ways and God does not want any man woman to part take.
    There is warning from God already given and lets be aware of it.

  • it could be a sister, it could be a mother, or it could be a daughter. we must not criticize nor condemn them for whatever it is they choose to do and let the good Lord be the the only judge. we must instead try to comfort them by giving them hope and encouragement in finding a better life. they are citizens of this country and deserve equal rights to the distribution of every resources of this country. why not create an institution to educate such women into sewing, cooking, gardening and other other effective measures to combat this issue rather than pin pointing those innocent women. it’s always better to find the cause of a problem in order to solve it.

  • This country is already in shits, stop pretending every righteous ones here making comments. As Christ said in his response to Church leaders who brought a prostitute to him for judgement. “Let the one without sin be the first to cast a stone on her”. Yes it is a sin but you are not God, just sinners like them (prostitutes) so don’t judge. The rapist must still be arrested regardless of who they raped. Rape is still rape.

  • Where did it come from? They say prostitution is the oldest profession…I can’t blame our prostitutes, male or female for the hardships they endure to survive in POM City.

    Govt’ must decriminalize, regulate and allow the profession to flourish. There are advantages and disadvantages but personally I think advantages outweighs the disadvantages.

    I know promiscuity in PNG is worse than prostitution.

  • Very sad news. Her flesh had suffered and her soul is yelling in hell. What a double punishment.
    It is a great lessen for the illegal sex workers. These ladies are abusing their parents good advices, abusing custom laws, and abusing the God’s commands.

    Why do they call for justice to intervene. If they are human beings they should do the right thing rather than selling their bodies for a days living. Animals don’t have sense and do what they do with their bodies.

    I hope this verse from the scripture suits their acts. Proverbs 14:12 says “There is a way which seems right to a man but the end of it is the way of death. “

  • Prostitution is a bad practice and should not be entertained or encouraged to be legalized by both the National Department of Justice and the Department of Community Development, Religion and Youth. If there is a bill to be tabled then this Government must not endorse neither support since its detrimental and would thus trigger negative effects. The long term consequences would be devastating. Prostitution is practised by lazy people who roam the streets to make ends meet. Sex workers should do something different to earn a living. They should not engage in selling their bodies to make money. Our body is God’s temple. We were been fearfully and wonderfully made. Bible warns us that if a person defiles his/her body in doing illegal practices then God would destroy that person. PNG is a christian country so such practices must not be entertained by our government. If prostitution is legalized then sex workers lives will have no value or meaning in our society. Even though they are human however they will be treated as second class and will not earn people’s respect. Also if prostitution is legalized then other practices like lesbianism, gay, transgender, etc would also be pushed to be legalized since they are in the same category. Government must apply God’s wisdom to deliberate on issues such as prostitution and other illegal practises.

  • There are other means of making money then resorting to such unconstitutional activities. Use your damn billions of brain cells to think of other activities to do to make money rather then prostitution. What a shame? Women & Girls say no to such activities.

  • When is the Government of PNG passed the law and legalise the people of this nation to operate this sex business? Is it registered under IRC, IPA? and the business paying tax? Are they promoting the economy of this country? If this activities are not answering the above questions then the Government should burn such business and ask them to take selfcare or otherwise let them rot in hello.

  • Wow, many people have to say more on this prostitution laws for protection on sex workers?
    Think wisely, those sex workers could be one of your relatives?
    We are all human beings, God Forgives sinners, No body is perfect in the eyes of holy God? for all have sinned.
    The sex workers have to decide now to stop or continue? Who cares? because its your life as an individual.
    Therefore, sex workers can be protected and can be legislated. What about the murders? Killings going on?
    No matter what PNG is a Christian country, sin will be always there. Unless? Its an Individuals Choose to turn away for wrong doing.

  • PNGIANS Tell those prostitutes that the constitution is trying to protect people from bad things and do away with such practices and why bothering to protect such people? they are cause of adultry. If they still calling for a bill the best way is to find husband for them or send them to other overseas countries who legalised this practices so that they can Express their rights there ..

  • Nothing comes freely.
    From the sweat of your face you shall eat bread, unless you are an animal that everything has been provided for you by the creator.


  • PNGans own land , have relatives and wantoks etc and our tradition and customs are built on strong wantoksystem where one can hardly find a person without a relative. There is no point in our young girls and women folk resorting to prostitution for survival. We are not living in a country where everything is owned by the state and that we depend entirely on the State to provide everything. Stop the nonsense and get real in doing something worthwhile to survive legally. If these types of girls and women can not able to survive in the city they should simply go back to their villages and live an honest lives.

    • It’s all about money. Nothing else. Those women live in cities, have no land, no job, maybe not even a house and they might also a child or two. So if that’s the situation, the only means that many prefer is to sell their bodies.

  • As long as sin exists, such behavior will still be present…even amongst so called Xtians.
    Love them. Forgive them.Kindly invite them to Jesus. Pray for them. Dont curse them. It has a long historical record.

  • As long as sin exists, such behavior will still be present…even amongst so called Xtians.
    Love them. Forgive them.Kindly invite them to Jesus. Pray for them. This practice has a long historical record.

  • Prostitution is known as the oldest trade in the world. Most of the people commenting here put the blame on those young girls and women. But remember. A coin has two sides. Women sell their bodies because their are men who are looking for sex. Those men often are not singles. They are MPs, lawyers, policemen and soldiers, married men and family men, who look for an adventure outside of marriage. Of course it is easy to throw the blame on women and tell them to go back home to their villages. But we need to be realistic. Today’s youth generations have a lot of dreams they want to fulfill. How can a student afford an Apple or a Samsung phone if she (and even HE) does not have an income source? Well, for those who don’t seem to know reality…this is the situation. Face it. Your daughters, even at grade 6-7-8 level are already selling their bodies for sex. There is not much we can do

  • We pledged as PNGeans: “We pay homage to our cultural heritage, the source of our strength”!
    Our cultural identity and heritage NEVER PROMOTED such act of any forms of
    Prostitution in PNG History-PNG has always been clear on this Matter!

    So, if you are a sex worker-just go home where you have families and relatives/loved ones who will
    look after your well being. Cities and Towns belongs to the working class people. Maski Faul Nambout raun na askim Gavman. Govt have bigger things to worry about ok!

  • sista you tok you Human being. ol animal I save wokim nambaut Lon bus, Lon strit,na olgeta hap because ol nogat tintin

    god I wokim human being na gving Tintin Lon ol na tok displa pasin sex mas kamap insit Lon
    marit na secret.
    sista em e time atin you na ol wanwok blo you, yupla changing life……thankyu

  • It could be someone’s sister, it could someone’s mother, or it could be someone’s daughter, whatever situation they were in that caused them to behave this way and to take such risks is unknown. But i believe its a battle of survival, it’s a fight between life and death. Therefore whatever it is that they decide to do, we must not criticize them but instead we must comfort them by giving them hope and encouragement to live a better life. They are the citizens of this country and deserve equal share of every resources of this nation. Why not create an institution that can educate such women in sewing, cooking and gardening that could could help them earn their own living or implement other effective measures that can combat this issue. Try putting yourself in their position and i hope you will surely understand what they are going through. It is always better to find the cause of a problem in order to solve the problem. Therefore we must work together for a common good rather than criticizing one and another.

  • Every person as a right to do what ever they want thetefore we should not judge one anothet because we have all sinned and fallen short the glory of God.
    This is a serious crime and the perpetrator of this crime must be found and attested.

  • See their (Prostitutes) side of story and reasons given. They are Papua New Guineans and they are human beings as well. If you see fit to murder the female prostitutes, then also murder the people who hired their sex trade service as well because both parties agreed to be engaged in this act. Lets be fair on all fronts..

  • I read this vicious drivel and it’s clear why PNG is in the mess it is in: God is cited by ignorant people to excuse all manner of punishment and persecution, but God is loving and kind and gave his son as payment for our sins – if trying to find money is a sin, which it isn’t. Prostitutes don’t have work if there aren’t men to exploit them. So the men – or snivelling scumbags who beat women who have no options but this work – of PNG should look to themselves and ask (1) why they feel they have the right to post under anonymous pseudonyms; (2) commit the sin of fornication and then blame the woman who is only one party to this act; (3) why 8 men think they have the right, in any circumstances, to impose themselves on any woman; (4) why men in PNG continue to demonise women, and blame them for the failings of the men. Men of PNG, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Everyone – woman, man or child – has the right – in a so-called Christian country – to be treated with dignity and respect. You are no more than savages if you think it’s acceptable to treat women with anything less than courtesy. Women deserve better than you lot. Jesus also said ‘let he (not she!) who is blameless cast the first stone’. So all you who are decrying the women who provide sexual services to the men who prey on them, and all those who’ve posted with such bile and invective on this page, you should consider carefully whether you have ever mistreated, or been disrespectful, to a woman – and never, never, say ‘oh she asked for it’. No woman ever does. You have learned nothing from the loss of all those poor souls who have no other option – you say ‘go back to your village and dig in the garden’… Yes, sure, where you will be preyed on by more men, because word will reach the village and your solitude will be no defence. Or you will be persecuted and burned as a witch… in a Christian country. Don’t make me laugh. Your words are despicable. You should be ashamed. Remember this when you are piously on your knees, singing the Lord’s praises. He will want none of your venom. God speaks kindly to those less fortunate, and repeatedly forgives our sins. You best hope He is in a forgiving mood when your time comes, you men who abuse women. Shame on you.

    • So the short conclusion to what you tried to portrayed here is, the people of PNG should say yes and accept prostitution?

  • If the bill is passed Papua New Guinea will see an increase of brothels owned by foreigners ( especially Chinese nationals) also an increase of sex workers flocking into urban areas by human trafficking not only from overseas (Asian) but from our rural areas to urban as people seek to make fast money through this.

  • PNG is a Christian country and we depend wholly on our faithful God all the time. He is very faithful in His promises. Its just that our laziness and weakness that we are faithless.
    Please can someone share these bible text below to any sex workers or any people around your areas who think they are no one and they can earn their living by doing something illegal and which is not acceptable in the sight of our God.
    Text from Mathew 6:25 – 27 “Therefore, I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air: They do not sow or reap or gather into barns— and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they (the birds)? Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?”
    This is a faithful promise saying from our God.

  • We`re are a developing country, there are many things or activities to sustain daily life. Prostitution is just being lazy.
    Also, known to be a Christian country then, why prostitution?

  • PNG we have many big land spaces for free right in our front door. why not those prostitute go back home rather than being in Pom and become lazy doing all this kinds of activities and causing problems. can we please try not to support them but encourage them their are other form of activity to do to earn income (money). sex workers don’t gives accuses by being lazy.

  • There are the ones spreading HIV/AIDS virus,
    There are the ones causing Domestic problems
    There are the ones causing family problems and marriage broken
    If there are human and a true Papua New Guinean then be a human and a True Papua New Guineans.
    May be all the stupids and hopeless are involved in this activity to destroy our good country.

  • I for one,says that the government has to consider this and give a specific law.Why not make it legal,l see that the government for today are a victim of this prostituting business.
    Correct me if am wrong.

  • Every actions have reason, and we cannot talk about it in a negative way. it is just her suggestion. Like what she said, they are human and citizen of this country and why not there are at least some law put in place to protect them.

  • its a good job opportunity especially for ladies and gentlemen with sex skills…government needs to consider this industry if he always vocal about creating jobs for its citizens…

  • Dear Sex worker, I’d like to say here you deserve the pain and damage to your body because sex before marriage is SIN.
    PNG is a blessed, most richest and fertile and above all, it is a christian nation compared to those developed countries. We are all human as you are as stated there and we all face the financial struggles in life everyday but we take every moments as a challenge, think positive and have faith that the Maker (God) will provide when we work, sweat to gain.

    I am a woman, who is away from my home province, a mom of two and a victim of broken marriage because of a woman like you who went around having sex and eating up my x-husband’s money. I stabbed her but she never gave up. I made up my mind and left the guy, then went to court but the man fled leaving my kids behind for almost 4 years now but that never put me off track and turn to be a sex worker to feed my kids and earn our leaving.
    I turned to God with all my life’s problems, had faith, believing myself and now I have a good job with company flat provided to me and kids, enrolled my 5 year old son to a pre-school last year and in the midst of my silent pain, he proved me to be the dux of the year which made me said there is always a rainbow after the rain. Early this year, I bought a piece of land and development in progress for my mini income once project is in full swing. Now, I am in a relationship with a church- goer, single man and planning to marry me soon.
    I encourage you woman to walk away from being a sex worker and think positive to see your brighter days ahead.

  • We all should understand that if government make laws to protect them then that could be a big problem in our country. Selling or trading our body is sinfully and against the religious law. Our body is very special and should only be given as a sacrifice to God. God bless us with many ways to earn our living intead of using our bodies to sinfull ways. If we act that way we must know that we are absuing God’s blessing and that could turn into; Adultery, Murder, Rape, and all sorts of violence in our life. This Act must be stop for the good of our future generation.

  • This is the second article that supports Prostitution in PNG.

    Rebecca Kuku, ome on lady, think about what’s gonna happen to the country if this is legalized. Thousands of marriage will be destroyed, it will encourage more young women to venture into it, it will allow for trafficking of young girls from our villages to be sold into prostitution, and it will increase the business of night clubs. You are trying to support fornication.


  • Papua New Guinea is a wealthy and rich nation in terms of resources. Tell that prostitute to go home and do something inorder to earn income we are not living in countries where there is poverty

  • You want get protection for destroying family units. Less meri nabaut ino save lo holim graun yu laik salim body na ksm moni lame excuse!
    Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. You were created to be better than this.
    1. Women having sex with their bosses to get a position in the workplace along with other benefits is prostitution also.
    Which one do you want to legalize it?
    Work Hard sisters. # Respect yourselves.
    Shame on those men who go around paying for SEX.

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