Sexual violence high

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CHILDREN appear to be the main target amongst sex perpetrators, and many are assaulted at home.
  Statistics from the general hospitals in Port Moresby and Alotau showed  most of sexual violence victims were below the age of 18 .
Dr Angela Seginami, an obstetrician and gynecologist, said of the  43 cases reported at the Alotau hospital over a certain period of time, 21, or 53% were children under 16.
The other sexual violece related cases were rape victims.
Gang rapes accounted for only 1.3% while incest 11.6%.
It was found that the incest cases were committed by people in authority.
 Dr Seginami highlighted  this at a symposium on culture and violence at the Divine Word University on Wednesday.
Over at the Port Moresby General Hospital, 445 people sought treatment for sexual violence between 2004 and 2007.
Dr Seginami said out of   that, 233 were children below 16.
Of the total, 256 or 58% were young girls between 11 and 20 years old.
It was also revealed that about 43.5% of the sexual assaults were committed  at home.
This is not good as homes are supposed to be the safe place for young children, especially girls Dr Seginami said.
She said sexual violence was one of the big causes behind the spread of HIV/AIDS in the country.
“It contributes to a high  maternal and pre-natal morbidity and mortality rate in the country, ” she added.
Dr Seginami said the  breakdown in  the  values  of traditional cultures  and traditions, rural urban migration, drugs, alcohol, unemployment, internet and pornography all contributed to the increase in sexual