Sexual violence


I SUPPORT the editorial in The National on Friday titled, ‘Family sexual violence units challenged’.
A brother of mine had an issue with his wife and she took the matter to one of the police stations in Port Moresby.
The police sergeant made a decision that my brother will stay away from his wife for three months and the child will be with the father for a two-week period and then go with the mother until the three-month period is over.
My brother realised that it was wrong for the police sergeant to make such a decision, so he called the helpline and got advice from them.
They directed him to the right person – an officer who works with the family and sexual violence unit and they attended to the case. I realised that my brother would have become a victim of family sexual violence decision-making.
Police are law enforcers and therefore police stations are not places for making decisions. Only at a court can.
This has shown that many police officers do not know their roles and responsibilities and that is why they are making blunt and wrong decisions and creating disunity among families.


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