Sexually transmitted diseases on the rise in East New Britain

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EAST New Britain (ENB) provincial AIDS coordinator Beverly Akuila Dam says the increasing reports of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is due to the opening of more STD and voluntary testing and counselling facilities.
Mrs Dam said there were other possible explanations as to why the number of STD cases had doubled since 2009.
She said the higher awareness of STDs in the community had contributed to the rise as health facilities making it compulsory for all pregnant women to be tested for both HIV and STDs.
“Sexual activities are also rife in the province,” she said.
Mrs Dam said females with STDs make up three quarters of the total number of those infected.
ENB has a growth rate of 1.67% of STD cases between 2004 and 2009.
National AIDS Council reported STD cases for ENB in 2004 were 82,  while last year, it reported 235 cases.
 “If this trend continues for the next few months, it should be seen as a wake-up call for people in authority and the public to do something about their personal health and behaviour,” she said.