Seymour wants acquittal of independence celebrations funds


HUON Gulf MP Ross Seymour is urging councillors in the district, who received independence anniversary celebration funds to provide acquittals.
Seymour said previous experiences showed that some Wampar councillors who received cash to organise celebrations, did not use the money for the intended purpose.
“Instead, I witnessed some councillors ending up drinking beer while others used it for personal shopping and the people suffered,” Seymour claimed.
“This is the government money distributed equitably to respective communities for people to celebrate their national day and not for councillors’ own gain or benefits.
“Councillors must be honest and acquit the funds as expended,.”
A group of Wampar councillors had followed Seuymour and chief executive Moses Wanga to the district office to enquire about funding given out last week for the weekend’s celebrations.
“Go back to your respective communities, organise your communities and continue with independence activities; I will come around with district treasurer and chief executive officer to give people’s money in front of everybody,” Seymour said then.
He told the councillors to acquit the money and those unable to do so would be arrested and detained for misuse of public funds.
He said that it would be unfair to other communities if he went ahead to assist those Wampar communities funded by the Wafi-Golpu community affairs. “I understand and appreciate the Wafi-Golpu JV to assist us in sponsoring several activities in 11 locations,” he said. “Therefore, I will support communities that are not in the Wafi-Golpu list.”
Seymour was critical about some communities and organisations that capitalised on independence celebrations by setting up gates and collected fees.