Shaken and stirred …

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Nationalpic by AURI EVA

Shaken and stirred … The Poreporena Freeway heading down to Konedobu was yet another scene of reckless driving on Saturday. According to witnesses, a police vehicle veered off the freeway at full speed and turned three times on its side. Luckily for the three occupants, the driver, a young boy and a woman, the vehicle was stopped by concrete boxes from tumbling over to a vertical drop on to the bypass at the
bottom which leads to Badihagwa. None of them sustained any serious injuries. The three were obviously in a state of shock and were speechless. According to bystanders who assisted the driver out of the wrecked vehicle, the driver was believed to have been intoxicated. An ambulance was called in by some “good samaritan’s”, and arrived 10 minutes later and rushed the victims to the hospital. Pictured is the driver, clearly still in shock, being helped out of the vehicle.