Shame on CEOs of disciplined forces

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 24th, 2013

 I URGE Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to replace the respective chief executive officers of our disciplined forces. 

In this country of ours, we only take drastic actions when things happen to the point where lives are lost.

These three CEOs have underperformed to the extent that the safety of the public is not assured.

The state of the disciplined forces is a national disgrace.

The recent melee at Taurama involving PNGDF soldiers and the killing of a young Manus man by policemen is unacceptable.

The escape of three notorious criminals in broad daylight from Bomana maximum security jail is a body blow to the credibility of the Correctional Service.

Given the recent events, if I was the head of any of the disciplined forces, I would hang my head in complete shame and humbly tender my resignation.

All chief executive officers or government ministers in many countries quit when there is a serious breach in their respective organisations. 

It is only in PNG that few, if any, take responsibility for failures. 

Please, prime minister, appoint people with the knowledge, skills, discipline, vision, and integrity to head these three vital organisations.

We are a laughing stock of the international community and we need to bring integrity back into these three core institutions. 


Tony Tumba

Port Moresby