Shameful act in Parlt


THE exchange of verbal arguments with supported threatening gestures by our politicians against each other on the floor of parliament on the May 28 during Parliament sitting is the worst in PNG history.
This is a total abuse of people’s powers.
All current politicians have tarnished our good history and have set a bad precedence by their conducts on Tuesday.
As one of the source of their reason to be there in parliament, I totally condemn the act of all our leaders in conducting the normal parliament business with disrespect to the house.
Though everyone had been using people’s name as their reason for their moves, it can be confirmed that all of them had their own political interest when shouting at each other personally and pointing fingers at one another without considerations that those powers originally belongs to the people.
From the way our leaders are behaving in parliament, I don’t see it as something done for the people though it is said to be but rather is for their own political interest.
It is because of us (people) that you represent us in there so everything must be done for our interest and not under false pretence for your political gains.

Eye blo City