Shameful act


THE shameful and disgraceful conduct by the Speaker of the Parliament and Member for Manus, Job Pomat, is indeed going down in the history of our 40 years of Independence.
One could tell it was a benchmark and ready-made recipe for public unrest with the conduct of someone who’s primary role in Parliament is to chair the sittings.
Talk about stubborn animals with curious names.
The speaker effectively blocked any chance of the Opposition who has the numbers now to form the next Government.
Being emotional and standing up stupidity isn’t in the interest of the Speaker’s chair.
It just goes to show the depth of how one understands the process of democracy.
As stated on the floor on Parliament by the East Sepik Governor; if we adopted the Westminster system of government we should be following all the rules set in the system.
We should not be adopting certain parts and disregarding the others to suit ourselves and or groups.
That is what the Speaker is doing, disregarding the majority rule and putting up a feeble ineffective fight which only makes a fool of himself and the people he represents.
The correct and honourable move by the Prime Minister and the speaker would be to tender their resignations for the Opposition to move in.
The writing is on the wall and it is about time, the Speaker woke up from the day dream and vacated the Chair honourably.
The nation is watching.

Richard Yasi,

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