Sharp must shoulder the blame

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday 14th September 2012

THE root cause of the Rabaul Queen sinking was, Iā€ˆbelieve, due to the style and character of Captain Peter Sharp.
He is arrogant, proud and openly displays disrespect for authority and others.
Despite the tragic death of so many people, he answered the investigating commissioner with sardonic, smart-alec-type comments that showed no respect for the victims and the grieving relatives.
I have yet to pick up one word of apology from him.
I also understand that he wrote letters to the chairman of the PNG Chamber of Commerce, demanding a position on the board of the National Maritime Safety  Agency.
The fact that he was denied is a blessing, otherwise he could have become the ultimate law in the maritime industry.
The government must not allow him to operate any type of business that may put lives at risk.
Apprentice B