Sheer wastage on budgetary funds

Letters, Normal

I OBSERVE that there is prevalent wastage of budgetary funds across all Government instrumentalities on consumption-based goods and services and nothing tangible on investments for short- and long-term economic sustainability of the country.
About 70% of all the public funds are scoped up by operational and wage bills, travel allowances and to main suppliers of goods and services, covering car dealers, hire car providers, accommodation providers and airline for travels, restaurants, etc.
There is very little on actual delivery of public goods and services.
Even the delivery system is inefficient and non-transparent, and leaves more room for corruption and misappropriation.
There is no benchmark or standards for the quality of work versus the claims.
There is a culture of paying a very high price for substandard buildings or road infrastructures, which will cost more to maintain in the end.
There is enough money given to departments like Health and Education to deliver public goods and services, yet the corruption in the delivery system prevents the funds from reaching their intended purposes.
There will be nothing for the country to show for if the budgetary funds supported by receipts from the resource boom are consumed today and not invested in tangible goods and services to sustain to economy into the future.


Kila Mali
Port Moresby