Shells thriving in local market


Sea shells have always been an ideal delicacy for those who love seafood thus the demand is increasing, says av endor.“Although the demand for shells is increasing the supply for it in local markets
is quite low.”
Vavine Ika from Keapara village said seeing that the demand for shells was high she decided to concentrate on selling only shells at the Koki Fish Market.
“I used to sell other seafood like fish,squid and shrimp but have decided to concentrate on shells as I see that there is a demand for it.”
“It does not involved much labour and the profit is good on busy days like Fridays so I am thinking of asking my family members to help out,” she said.She said it was not easy to collect shells as it clings on the reef and it required a lot of patience just to get one shell.
“It is a passion for me as I enjoy going out at sea to look for shells. I have been selling shells for about a decade and have made it and hobby to gather
“My passion for collection shells has gone way back when I was a child thus I had used my hobby to make money,”
she said.
She said the two main types of shells collected and sold was Clam and Oyster shells and she makes K150 from a 40kgbag. She sells a heap for K1.

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